Laravel, PHP Viral Quiz Script for building Love, Friendship assessment funny quiz

how well you know me quiz based on Laravel and Vue.js

What is HunnyBunny?

The HunnyBunny is an online Viral Quiz Maker for building Love test, Friendship test funny quiz. It is developed using the technologies PHP, Laravel, Vue.js and MySQL. It provides a simple and intuitive web interface for building range of funny quizzes about your self, your personalities and then share it with your loved ones and ask them to guess the right answer. 

In your life You may think you know everything about someone, whether it is your spouse or your close friend. Make a Quiz, Send it to Your Loved ones or Share it in your Social Media! Test how well do they know about you and find out who knows you best.
Choose a range of questions to even help you with your relationships and transform this online quiz maker into a dating quiz. Does my partner really know me? Find out! These personality quizzes help you with strengthen your relationship bonds.

Welcome to HunnyBunny  

It comes with the quiz creator to easily create quiz in just a few minutes, a complete and well studied sharing process to make it viral and an intuitive algorithm to make it easy and fun to take quiz.

Start Your Quiz

To make your own quiz start with inserting your own name or school day nickname   - and then click confirm to proceed .

Add your Questions  

Make your own quiz - choose 10 funny questions about yourself from the given ranges of questions, then choose the correct answers that match best to your interests.

Share and Enjoy

After answering all the questions you'll get a link to your quiz. Share it with your friends on Whatsapp ,Facebook or any other Social media channels to check how well they really know you  .

Receive Answers

It's not an exam   , so don’t debate for too long about which answers to choose. Just select the one that seems to describe your loved ones interest most accurately at first glance.

It’s Just for Fun  

This page is intended for fun only! You'll see your friends' score in the score board. If anyone gets all the answers correct, they will score 100 percent.

Written by Akram Wahid 4 years ago

are you looking for a chief cook who can well craft laravel and vuejs, to make some awsome butterscotch,
yes then it is right time for you to look at my profile.

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