About Techalyst Community

Techalyst Community is a website to learn & support all about modern web development. It provides short and sweet articles on all matter of topics, with a focus on front-end, back end development, code snippets, ready made solutions and many more.

For example, the site covers topics such as Laravel, Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, web Api and Data Visualization.

The articles are short, sweet and fun to read. Life is short, so we like to get to the point!

I started this platform for solving problems of mine and other developers. Most of the resources found on this website are an efforts of mine, however I will make sure to add references whenever I use third party materials with my solutions.

Behind the Scenes

Hello! 👋 I'm Akram Wahid, the creator behind techalyst. I am a Sri Lankan Computer Science under graduate and a self motivated PHP Developer. The website is a passion project for me and I love to learn about the latest new tech and then teach what I learn while I still have a fresh perspective on it so I can remember what it feels like not to know about it.

I spared no effort in making the site as lightweight, fast and easy to read as possible for developers. With pages being about only 12Kb of CSS and 46Kb of JavaScript, I'm able to bring the pages to you as fast as possible. Plus, I provide you a nice theme design to make the reading experience seamless between your code editor and the site, keeping it gentle on your eyes.

Why techalyst needs your support

So I spend a lot of time working on the site, and unfortunately I still have to feed my self and family, pay rents and so on, so it's now time for me to reach out and ask for your help to keep the site running and the resources pouring in.

Techalyst provides you totally free resources as well as paid resources, I need your contribution by giving me some bucks to download ready made solutions found on this site.

Your support will also help me to come up with more contents, code snippets and ready made scripts for different topics.

Thanks in advance for your support!✌️+❤️