Responsive web design

Just about everyone wants a mobile version of their website.  After all by now you must know that over 50% of all internet traffic is happening on mobile devices.  But, what does it mean? It means you have just 1 website instead of having a separate mobile site. It means your site can be seen on mobile phones, tablets, netbooks and of course desktops.

Responsive web design is the approach of designing a site and development that “responds” to the users device based on screen size, platform and orientation.  This process consists of a mix of flexible grids, layouts, images and of course an intelligent use of CSS.  As the user switches from say a laptop to an iPad, the website automatically switches or rather re-arranges to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting capabilities.

It takes planning and time to perfect and is done at the earliest stage of design and development.

We all know that Google is a really big deal.  In fact, Google has claimed that it prefers responsive design as it’s more efficient for it’s bots to crawl the site and index and organize content.  Keeping all urls the same across all devices.

Aside from all the benefits of search, responsive design has the ability to increase conversion rates from all of the mobile users. Why? Simple. If a website is not working on a mobile device it will obviously be unable to convert. Research has shown that 69% of tablet users shopped on their devices within the last 30 days.

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  • Some more points and benefits:
    Easier to manage than 2 sites
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Provide a better user experience

Written by Akram Wahid 8 years ago

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