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Some time we need to get all the individual calendar dates between two calendar date range in our code, such a scenario like time sheet generation , or payroll sheet generation, etc... You can utilize PHP carbon library which is already being shipped with Laravel framework,

in the following example I have two dates variable,  $starDate and $endDate , which are beginning of a month and End of a month respectively. first I converted both string dates to Carbon Objects to utilize carbon library methods in my code,
I am using a while loop to scroll through the dates by adding 1 day to startDate in the end of the loop, and while loop will continue to execute until it become equal to endDate, this condition is evaluated by the $startDate->lte carbon object method , lte means less than or equal,

$startDate = new Carbon('2018-01-01');
$endDate = new Carbon('2018-01-31');
$all_dates = array();
while ($startDate->lte($endDate)){
  $all_dates[] = $startDate->toDateString();


The purpose of the post is not to discuss about the Carbon library, but you may read my another post about Laravel Carbon Library in the following link.

Written by Akram Wahid 4 years ago

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