Is your website turning customers away? Avoid these 5 things

Well, we all know that your website is here to attract and engage your target audience, but what if it’s actually turning people off?

Driving traffic to your site can be costly, time consuming and the last thing you need is to find out users are leaving. Especially when this can be avoided.


1. Slow Load Times:
I can’t even begin to tell you that if a site does not load in like 3 seconds, I’m gone. It’s very frustrating you probably won’t return to that website again. There are many tool to determine load times on your site. A well designed and well built site will load quickly.

2. Forcing Registration:
We can all agree that your site is a lead generation tool, but this does not mean you should annoy your visitors by asking them for information before you have even spoken to them, let alone offer any value.  Using pop ups is also very annoying, and should be avoided.  IF you’re going to use pop ups, let users know of something special on your site or direct them instead.

3. Animation (Flash) and Audio:
This is pretty obvious at least to us, but nobody wants to hear cheesy elevator music or be forced to watch an animation before they can access any information on your site. Let them choose to WATCH, have a play button instead. Auto loading movies is just silly.

4. Poor Navigation:
Your visitors should be able to land on your site and easily be able to navigate without guessing how, and be able to do on a mobile device as well. You can have the best content in the world, but if they can’t easily get to it, what’s the point?

5. No Fresh Content
Now, you may have a fast loading site, be awesome looking and have a great navigation menu, but if it hasn’t been updated on a regular basis with fresh new content you may be pushing people away.  Get the latest content / news in front of them. You want them to know that you’re up to date.

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