9 plus 1 Important Things to Have in Your Website

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Websites are fantastic tools for all businesses and those without one are certainly not in touch with modern world trends. Any business that wants to succeed and stay above the competition must get a website up and running whereby they can present themselves to the entire world and conduct online transactions.

Websites are great, but for them to really work and have a positive impact for the business they represent then they need to have a couple of things. Many websites often fail in their purpose just because they miss a few important aspects like those outlined below:

  1.    Good Design

It is rather obvious that having a visually appealing website is important. This is because humans generally prefer to have or be associated with good things. A creative graphic designer should be able to come up with a beautiful website, which is very important for all websites.

  1.    Good Site Navigation

Good site navigation with links that work is important because it determines how easy and quickly visitors get around your site. The importance of a proper and straight to the point system on a site cannot be understated because it can mean the start or the end of a good deal, when a customer finds or fails to find what he or she is looking for, or even how to pay for it!

  1.    Good Content

Sometimes people ignore the value of good content on their website in the form of pictures, videos and written words, which enhance one’s brand personality. Having great content on your website is quite important in keeping your customers engaged, educated and entertained while visiting the site.

  1.    Favourable Web Hosting

There are many web hosting service providers, including those that are free and thus save on running costs. It is however important to have your website hosted by companies that will be most beneficial to you regardless of cost. This could mean things like getting a web hosting firm that has servers close to your target market or the one that has marketing policies that also complement your business.

  1.    Browser Compatibility

Different browsers exist today, and more keep turning up. If you intend to reach people on a global level, then you have to incorporate cross browser compatibility in your website. This is especially important for proper and secure e-commerce to take place.

  1.    Mobile Optimization

People all around the world are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to browse and surf the internet. Having a website that easily and smoothly shifts from desktop mode to mobile view is now more of a necessity than an option.

  1.    Business Information

This should actually be the number one on the list of importance. Information about what your business is all about and what it deals with in terms of goods and services or otherwise, should be right on the first page. There should also be proper SEO elements incorporated here to make sure potential customers searching for you and your products get to your website fast.

  1.    Accurate and Up-to-date Contact Information

Cyber crimes are on the rise today and people are starting to be more vigilant in all their online activities. They want to be sure who it is that they are dealing with and that’s why they’ll always check and verify who the website belongs to before engaging in any monetary business. If the contacts listed on your website are not clear or lead elsewhere, then no one can trust you.

  1.    Social Media incorporation

Social media has progressively become an essential tool for all online businesses. It is becoming more and more important for websites to incorporate the social media within them because they provide platforms on which you can advertise on as well as interact with your customers.

  1.   Tracking and Analytics

This is a means for you to keep track of how your website is doing which is without question, very important to you. Google actually has a great tracking and analytics tool that you can incorporate to see how your site ranks and thus determine whether your SEO efforts are working for you.

Written by Akram Wahid 8 years ago

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