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Laravel Working with Large amount of Database records

Laravel Eloquent Using Cursors or Chunking result for performance optimization

Sometimes when you query a large amount of database records assume in billions, you will surely face application performance issues when you go to process the large amount of data, however Laravel have some cool features which you may use to optimize the processing speed,

Chunking Results

The chunk method will retrieve a "chunk" of Eloquent models, feeding them to a given Closure for processing. Using the chunk method will conserve memory when working with large result sets:

Product::chunk(200, function ($products) {
    foreach ($products as $product) {

The first argument passed to the method is the number of records you wish to receive per "chunk". The Closure passed as the second argument will be called for each chunk that is retrieved from the database. A database query will be executed to retrieve each chunk of records passed to the Closure.

Using Cursors

The cursor method allows you to iterate through your database records using a cursor, which will only execute a single query. When processing large amounts of data, the cursor method may be used to greatly reduce your memory usage:

foreach (Product::where('foo', 'bar')->cursor() as $product) {

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